Uber Upfront fares are launching

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Uber Upfront fares are launching

Post by Uber X Driver » Tue Mar 13, 2018 12:01 am

Uber Upfront fares are launching

From Uber Australia:
Upfront fares are launching

Soon, we’ll be introducing upfront fares in Melbourne. Before each trip, riders will see an exact fare in the app, rather than a range.

Data shows that riders request more trips when they have certainty about the price, particularly during busy times where prices may be higher than normal. This leads to more overall requests, which can mean more trips for driver-partners.
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Updated Services Agreement

In order to continue accessing the Partner App from 26 March, 2018, and to enable the launch of upfront pricing, you must read and agree to the Upfront Pricing Addendum. This addendum sets out the legal terms that apply to upfront pricing in connection with your Services Agreement.
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UPFRONT PRICING ADDENDUM (AUSTRALIA)Last Updated: 08-March-2018You entered into an agreement (“​Agreement​”) with Rasier Pacific Pty Ltd (“​Company​”), an Australiancompany with ACN 622 365 833 and Uber B.V. (“​Uber​”), a private limited liability company establishedin The Netherlands registered at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce under number 56317441 underwhich the Company provides the Uber Services to you, an independent provider of peer-to-peerpassenger transportation services and Uber licenses you the Driver App. This Upfront Pricing Addendumis an addendum to the Agreement and it sets forth additional terms and conditions that are applicable inAustralia and to the extent you provide Transportation Services utilising Upfront Pricing (as defined inthis addendum below). By clicking “Yes, I agree”, you agree to be bound by these additional terms.Capitalised terms used in this addendum but not defined shall have the meanings set out in theAgreement.Upfront Fares​.​​Company (or an affiliate of Company) may offer a ride option to Users in the Uber Appthat allows a User to agree to a fixed fare for a given instance of Transportation Services provided byyou, which fixed fare is communicated via the Uber App to a User at the time the ride is requested(“​Upfront Pricing​”). In the event that you provide Transportation Services to Users utilising UpfrontPricing, you acknowledge and agree that the Fare for each such instance of Transportation Services is afixed fare, which is communicated to you when the ride is accepted and/or at the end of such ride(“​Upfront Fare​”). For the avoidance of doubt, where Upfront Pricing applies “Upfront Fare” has thesame meaning as “Fare” in the Agreement except as specifically set forth in this Addendum, shall be anall-inclusive amount that includes estimated Tolls if any (except that where estimated Tolls vary fromactual, the User will pay the actual Tolls in their Fare) ​ and will not be calculated in accordance with themethodology set out in and typically applied under Section 8 of the Agreement.Service Fees on Upfront Fares shall be as set out in the applicable Service Fee Addendum. If a Userchanges ​the journey, or if the trip takes materially longer than estimated by Company due to traffic orother factors, the ​Upfront Fare shall no longer apply, but rather the Fare shall be calculated based upona base fare amount plus distance and/or time amounts and any other applicable fees as set forth inSection 8 of the Agreement.

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